Chari-nko Logs

Charinko is the Japanese name of bicycle...
 A bicycle called "Cross Bike" in Japan is not a cyclocross but means trekking or hybrid. 

是最经济的和环保的 - It is the most economical and environmentally friendly


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My Charinko Life Log
  Mongoose Artery 泥除けと荷台を装着:利便性を向上させるために泥除けと荷台を装着した記録
  Mongoose Artery 保安装置とスタンドを装着:ベルやらライトやらの必要装備とスタンドを装着した記録
  クロスバイク「Mongoose Artery」を買ってみた:初めての「真・女神自転車」を買ってみた記録

NOTE: Bicycle is a great product. However, for the problem that caused by to the use of Bicycle, Kuchi-Yakusoku Drug Manufacturing take no responsibility.