Cigar & Hand-Rolled Products (葉巻とか手巻き)

Found The Splendid Smoking Culture of Part!

RYJ LOGOThese is ancient human’s wild smoking impressions that was excavated in modern times. Apparently, heart full human has many existed in the ancient. That aside, as a joke.



▼Smoking Impressions▼

Bohem Cigar Mini Super Slim No.5
– ボヘーム・シガー・ミニ・スーパースリム・No.5
Bohem Cigar Mini Super Slim No.1
– ボヘーム・シガー・ミニ・スーパースリム・No.1

Forte Original
– フォルテ・オリジナル
Forte Lights
– フォルテ・ライト

Joker Chaos
– ジョーカー・カオス
Joker Karma
– ジョーカー・カルマ
Joker Mandala
– ジョーカー・マンダラ

Keith Slim
– キース・スリム
Keith Slim Aroma Melty
– キース・スリム・アロマ・メルティ
Keith Slim Aroma Fresh
– キース・スリム・アロマ・フレッシュ
Keith Slim Aroma Mint
– キース・スリム・アロマ・ミント
Keith Slim Bitter Taste
– キース・スリム・ビターテイスト
Keith Slim Exotic Taste
– キース・スリム・エキゾチックテイスト
Keith Slim Japan Classic
– キース・スリム・ジャパンクラシック
Keith Mild
– キース・マイルド
Keith Mild Aroma Roast
– キース・マイルド・アロマ・ロースト

Macho Vanilla
– マッチョ・バニラ
Macho Clove
– マッチョ・クローブ


Note : These logs recommended that you have to view only if you had the responsibility and interest.

You would want to smoke a cigarette by now.
In order to get a restless, in order to get a inspiration, and in order to get realize alive in the modern age. Smokers, should attentive for non-smokers. But, non-smokers should attentive for smokers. Of course, smokers and non-sumokers should attentive for other persons. Do you understand? Anything should not be one-sided and egoism.

All are good products. However, for the problem that caused by to the use of these products, Kuchi-Yakusoku Drug Manufacturing take no responsibility.